Meet a Murfreesboro Criminal Defense Attorney team with a track record of success

If you or someone you know faces criminal charges, then you need a powerhouse advocate to help you fight the possibilities of jail, fines, and life with a criminal record. Whatever charge you face, from simple drug possession cases to felony sex crime charges, you can find the high-caliber advocacy you need and deserve at The Law Offices of Joshua T. Crain.

Client-first legal approach

The Law Offices of Joshua T. Crain believe in putting clients first while taking aggressive action to protect the people who come to them for help. Their legal firm understands great results in court start with a commitment to protecting the best interests of each client.

Criminal Defense

Drug Crimes, Assault, Robbery, Theft, and Sex Crimes


First Offense DUI, Breath & Blood Tests, Driver's License Suspension

Family Law

Divorce, Alimony, Child Custody, Legal Separation and Mediation

Proven results

Murfreesboro attorneys versed in all legal areas

The Murfreesboro criminal defense firm at The Law Offices of Joshua T. Crain has won acquittals in some of the toughest cases, including DUIaggravated domestic assault, and murder cases. With insider knowledge of the prosecution, they have also shown success in negotiating reduced charges and sentences. In each case, The Law Offices of Joshua T. Crain are committed to protecting clients’ full legal rights.


When you need hard-hitting defense in Rutherford County, you can rely on The Law Offices of Joshua T. Crain. Don’t hesitate to discover your defense options. Request your free consultation today to find aggressive, knowledgeable advocacy as soon as possible.

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