Criminal Defense

Meet a Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney team with insight and experience

Is a criminal charge threatening your finances, freedom, and future? Has someone you know been arrested? When you have so much at stake, you cannot afford to work with an inexperienced lawyer or to rely on an overwhelmed public defender. You need and deserve the trial-tested, award-winning advocacy that Crain & Flatt Attorneys at Law offers.


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Our Murfreesboro criminal defense attorneys have the proven results and tenacity to defend your every legal right. Please don’t hesitate to see we can fight for you. Get a review of your possible defenses through a free case evaluation.


Common types of criminal defense charges

Joshua T. Crain formerly prosecuted the most serious felony cases, winning a national award for his skill in court, and he now handles misdemeanor and felony defense with the same energy and tenacity. He is now a nationally recognized and awarded defense lawyer. Armed with the insights from his time working for the prosecution, our defense lawyer is well-prepared to present a winning case on your behalf.


Our Murfreesboro criminal defense firm handles charges that include but aren’t limited to:


Drug crimes

DUI charges

Sex crimes


Domestic assaults


You need a criminal defense lawyer who gets results, a legal advocate who will tirelessly defend your liberties. This is the powerhouse defense you can count on benefitting from the services of The Law Offices of Joshua T. Crain. Discover how we can assert your legal rights and craft a strong, thorough defense when you contact our legal team today.