Family Law Your Case Will Be Handled With Discretion, Compassion, and Honesty.



Family law can be one of the most contentious and sticky areas in which to practice. In divorce proceedings, for example, emotions run high between separating couples and everyone involved is concerned for any children involved. Attorney Crain's firm has years of experience settling conflicts in divorce proceedings, child custody arrangements, and property division.


He has over a decade of legal experience. At Joshua T. Crain, Attorney at Law, your case will be handled with discretion, compassion, and honesty. He also handles criminal cases, meaning he is fearless in the face of conflict. Once he's on your side, he fights his hardest to get you the best results possible.

Mr. Crain handles many of the following types of cases:

  • Divorce: Face one of the toughest moments in your life with a legal representative who cares. Divorce proceedings will involve many legal aspects, including separating your assets and deciding child custody.
  • Alimony: During divorce proceedings, some may have to decide whether to pay alimony or to pay their spouse a certain amount of assets instead. Alimony is also more likely to be awarded during gray divorce proceedings.
  • Child Custody: If you and your spouse are divorcing, the well-being of any children involved will be Mr. Crain's top priority. Attorney Crain will be there to help you negotiate custody and visitation rights.
  • Property Division: This area can also be complicated, as it may also involve tax law. Negotiating how to split a house, for example, can conflict with any shared Social Security benefits and how much alimony one spouse might receive.
  • Separation: If divorce is not your preference, he can also help you negotiate the terms of a separation. While, legally, your marriage still exists, you might live in separate households. Therefore, child custody, visitation, and separation maintenance will need to be discussed and decided.


If you’re considering divorce or separation, let Attorney Crain's experience make the process a little bit easier. Contact the Murfreesboro family law attorney today for a case consultation.

WHy Choose Joshua T. Crain?

  • Cutting – Edge Advocacy

    As a private attorney, Joshua has approached his cases with the same energy and drive that made him a successful prosecutor. His Tough defenses and aggressive approach have earned him a reputation in the community.

  • Not Your Average Attorney

    Joshua T. Crain is down to earth attorney that relates to the struggle of his clients. He understands what it is like to invest in something and views his clients as a person that he really wants to help.

  • Over a Decade of Trial Experience

    With over a decade of trial experience, Joshua T. Crain has the knowledge to know when to be aggressive and when to back off. This knowledge has resulted in several favorable outcomes.

  • Does Not Pass Judgement

    Joshua T. Crain does not pass judgments on his clients. He knows that one mistake does not define a person. He sees his clients for who they are and not the mistake that they made. 

  • He gave us peace of mind.

    “Sometimes in life, circumstances happen to us and our loved ones that require professional help. We met with and found Joshua Crain to be that individual. He not only helped our daughter, but he gave ...”

    - Satisfied Client
  • If I needed a response I got one in a timely manner.

    “I was stopped on my way to Bonnaroo from out of state on what I thought to be shaky grounds and lied to about speeding. I also had my rights violated because of the precedent that you can't call for a ...”

    - Satisfied Client
  • Extremely thorough throughout the process.

    “Mr. Crain represented me in a child custody case. He kept in touch and was extremely thorough throughout the process. I did not have to worry whether my case was getting the attention needed and ...”

    - Christy
  • If you're looking for an attorney, look no further.

    “Used Mr. Crain as an attorney recently and he was very helpful. He and his staff answered all my questions at any time of day and lead me through a difficult time until it was over and done with. I ...”

    - Satisfied Client
  • Mr. Crain truly cares about people.

    “Mr. Crain is an amazing attorney. He helped with my divorce. It should have been an easy divorce because my ex and I were on the same page. But, it was not. It ended up being a really frustrating ...”

    - Mary
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  • Charges Reduced Trafficking for Sexual Servitude
  • Conviction Overturned Aggravated Assault, Domestic Assault, and Felony Reckless Endangerment
  • Client Found Not Guilty at Trial Attempted Murder
  • Conviction Overturned Carjacking and Aggravated Robbery
  • Case Dismissed, Charges Dropped. Felony Murder and Theft of Property
  • Probation Granted Felony Possession of Marijuana
  • Case Dismissed, Charges Dropped Felony Sale of Drugs
  • Case Dismissed, Charges Dropped. Rape