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Because of what is at stake, one of the first things that are necessary to do when you have been charged with a sex crime is to retain the services of a knowledgeable and experienced Murfreesboro sex crime attorney. Even if you are being offered “promises” from law enforcement officials or a seemingly good plea deal, it is crucial to not speak with anyone other than your attorney. This will prevent you from self-incrimination or accepting a deal that may still lead to serious consequences and force you to register as a sex offender.

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What Is Considered a Sex Crime in Tennessee?

In the state of Tennessee, a sex crime can be defined as any criminal offense involving sexual contact or conduct. There are a variety of offenses that are considered in the sex crimes category. Anyone convicted of a sex crime will be considered a “sex offender” and added to the registry.

The following are examples of sex crimes:

Felony Sex Crimes

The following are a few crimes considered felony sex crimes in Tennessee:

Tennessee Sex Offender Registry

Because of the current Tennessee laws surrounding sexual offenses, as well as public opinion, being charged with a sex crime can be a serious, life-changing situation that creates a number of unique challenges for defendants.

Even pleading guilty to seemingly minor sexual offenses may require you to register as a sex offender and impact you for the rest of your life. With a conviction like this on your permanent criminal record, it is important that you take action immediately.

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