Murfreesboro Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer

Alleged offenders usually think about misdemeanor charges by comparing them to felony charges. While misdemeanor offenses are less severe than felony crimes, you should still take a potential conviction for a misdemeanor very seriously because, like a felony conviction, it still carries serious consequences. That’s why it’s in your best interest to speak to a Murfreesboro misdemeanor defense lawyer if you’ve been arrested for or charged with a misdemeanor in Tennessee.

Our Murfreesboro misdemeanor defense lawyer, Joshua T. Crain, has nearly 20 years of experience dealing with the criminal justice system. As a former prosecutor, he can anticipate the prosecution’s moves and know how to counter them to ensure the best possible results for you.

What Are Misdemeanor Offenses in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, misdemeanor crimes are categorized as Class C, B, and A offenses. Class C misdemeanors are the least serious, while Class A misdemeanors are the most severe. The penalties will depend on the Class of misdemeanor you’re charged with:

How Our Murfreesboro Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer Can Fight For You

Joshua T. Crain, our Murfreesboro misdemeanor defense lawyer, knows how to craft winning defense strategies to have the misdemeanor charges against you dismissed or reduced by raising applicable defenses, such as lack of evidence, unlawful search, or illegal arrest, among others.

Aside from getting your charges reduced, your lawyer can also move to lower your jail sentence and lower the penalties you may receive if you get convicted. Your Murfreesboro misdemeanor defense lawyer also knows how to spot any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and leverage them to boost your defense.

It is also crucial to note that while you don’t need to disclose a misdemeanor to prospective employers, it will show up on a background check. Consequently, having a record can make it difficult for you to get a decent job, qualify for loans, and secure housing, among many others. That being said, depending on the specific charges you are facing, your Murfreesboro misdemeanor defense lawyer may be able to expunge a conviction from your record. Otherwise, the conviction will stay on your criminal record forever.

All misdemeanor charges are serious matters because they could lead to significant consequences that can negatively affect your future and freedom. Reach out to Joshua T. Crain, our Murfreesboro misdemeanor defense lawyer, to discuss your case. Understanding your legal options and the consequences you’re facing is the best way to ensure your rights are protected. Dial 615-848-2088 or reach us online for your case review.