Class C Felony

Murfreesboro, TN Class C Felony Attorney

After getting arrested and charged with a Class C felony, any delay in fighting the case against you can significantly hurt your defense strategy. Our Murfreesboro, TN, Class C felony attorney, Joshua T. Crain, has the skills and resources to help you. He has almost 20 years of legal experience prosecuting and defending various criminal cases, so he knows what it takes to win a criminal case.

Our Murfreesboro, TN, Class C felony attorney has a reputation for effectively and aggressively defending Class C felony charges, including, but not limited to, the following:

What Exactly are Class C Felonies in Murfreesboro, TN?

Class C felonies are the third-most severe types of felony offenses in Tennessee. If convicted, you can face imprisonment of 3 to 15 years and a fine not exceeding $10,000. Depending on the specific circumstances of the crime you’re charged with, you may be given a harsher sentence if any aggravating factors, like the ones below, apply to your case:

On top of the possibility of a long prison sentence and costly fines, you will also lose your voting rights, professional licenses, job, and federal benefits and be prohibited from possessing or owning a firearm. You will also find it difficult to secure decent housing and loans.

What Our Murfreesboro, TN, Class C Felony Attorney Can Do For You

With all the potential punishments for a Class C felony conviction, it is in your best interest to work with a Murfreesboro, TN, Class C felony attorney as soon as possible. Whether you’ve been charged with a Class C felony or another offense, attorney Joshua T. Crain will make sure you understand what you are up against, carefully evaluate the case against you, and build a strategic and effective defense.

Our Murfreesboro, TN, Class C felony attorney can also negotiate for reduced charges or a fair plea bargain with the prosecutor. We will be prepared to take your case to trial if necessary and we will work hard to obtain the best possible outcome.

If you’ve been charged with a Class C felony, reach out to our Murfreesboro, TN, criminal defense attorney right away. Attorney Joshua T. Crain will work tirelessly to safeguard your legal rights, pursue justice for you, and maintain your reputation and freedom. Set up your case evaluation with our Murfreesboro, TN, Class C felony attorney by calling 615-848-2088 or filling out our online form.