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What to Do if You are Charged with Sexual Assault

If you’ve been charged with sexual assault in Tennessee, it’s a serious matter, and bringing your strongest defense from the outset affords you the best chance of securing an advantageous outcome. As such, reaching out for the skilled legal guidance of an experienced Tennessee criminal defense attorney is always advised.

The Charge of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is divided into two separate charges in the State of Tennessee, and these include sexual battery and rape. Sexual battery refers to touching or coming into contact with someone else’s breasts, buttocks, or genitals – or intimate parts – when the other person doesn’t consent or is incapable of consenting.

The charge is generally a Class E felony, and a conviction can mean from 1 to 6 years in prison and fines of up to $5,000. Any of the following, however, can enhance the charge to aggravated sexual battery, which carries increased penalties and fines:

The charge of rape, on the other hand, refers to forcing or coercing someone else into sexual penetration without their consent – or when the victim is incapable of consenting. Rape is generally charged as a Class B felony, but the same aggravating factors that apply to the charge of sexual battery also apply to rape charges. 

If You’ve Been Charged with Sexual Assault

Regardless of the kind of sexual assault charge you’re facing – and keeping in mind that every case is unique to the circumstances involved – the most important step you or anyone else in your situation can take is securing the legal representation of a dedicated criminal defense attorney as soon as you’re able to do so.

Don’t Try and Talk Yourself out of the Charge

While you may be certain that you are completely innocent of the charge you’ve been accused of, sharing your side of things with the police is a spectacularly bad idea. They are skilled at interviewing alleged perpetrators and are good at getting the answers they’re looking for. Sexual assault charges very often come down to one person’s word against the other’s, now which makes a great time to invoke your right to silence.

Leave the Talking to Your Attorney

Your focused criminal defense attorney has the legal insight and experience to help guide your case toward a beneficial resolution, and leaving the talking to them at this juncture is always in your best interest.

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