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What is Needed to Reinstate Your License in TN?

If your driver’s license has been suspended in response to a DUI conviction, it can have serious consequences in your life that include making it more difficult to make a living or even to see your children if you have child custody orders. There are, however, instances when a driver’s license can be reinstated, and an experienced Tennessee DUI defense attorney can help.

Your Driver’s License Suspension

There are a range of requirements associated with reinstating your driver’s license in Tennessee, and they vary depending on the underlying issue that led to the driver’s license suspension. A common charge underlying suspensions, however, is driving under the influence – or DUI. The length of the suspension depends on whether the DUI was your first. Consider the following:

The Requirements of Reinstatement

The requirements for having your driver’s license reinstated in Tennessee include the following:

While the path forward toward having your license reinstated is legally challenging. A focused DUI defense attorney is standing by to help.

Seeking a Restricted License

If your driver’s license has been suspended in Tennessee, you can seek a restricted license – or hardship license. The goal behind these licenses is to allow those who’ve lost their driving privileges to keep up with their primary obligations that require driving, such as employment and parenting duties. Ultimately, each case is determined at the discretion of the attending judge.

The basic requirements for a restricted license include the following steps:

A Tennessee DUI Defense Attorney Is on Your Side

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