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Steps to Take After Getting Your First DUI

Getting arrested for a DUI is an immensely serious offense because of the potentially harsh repercussions that come with it, and this applies even to a first DUI offense. If you or a loved one has been arrested for or charged with a first DUI in Tennessee, you must know the proper steps to take to protect your rights. If you have yet to discuss your case with our Tennessee DUI defense lawyer, here’s what you can do to increase your chances of securing the best possible outcome for your DUI case.

Winning a DUI case will require proper evidence. Make sure to:

Talk to a Tennessee DUI Defense Lawyer About Your Case

In most cases, a first DUI offense in Tennessee will be charged as a misdemeanor. However, you can be charged with a felony, even for a first DUI offense or if you seriously injured or killed another person.

The penalties for a first DUI offense conviction include administrative and criminal consequences, including:

Apart from the mandatory fine of $350 to $1,500, a DUI conviction also comes with related expenses for bail, court costs, towing or impound fees, IID installation, DUI education classes, legal fees, probation fees, and higher auto insurance rates.

Talking to a Tennessee DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible after getting a DUI is crucial. Your lawyer can negotiate for reduced charges, such as reckless driving instead of DUI, or have your case dropped due to insufficient evidence, unlawful arrest protocols, or other defenses that may apply to your case.

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