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Consequences for Multiple DUIs in TN

Even the possible consequences for a first-time DUI offense in TN are harsh. But if you have a previous DUI conviction, a subsequent or repeat DUI charge will undoubtedly raise the stakes. Your auto insurance rates will significantly increase, and you will face various collateral consequences that create economic, social, and professional barriers for convicted offenders through the denial and restrictions of benefits that everyone else has access to.

The Penalties for Multiple DUIs in TN

TN DUI penalties become harsher with every repeat DUI offense. Here are the penalties you can expect to face:

Second-Time DUI Offense

Third-Time DUI Offense

Fourth and Subsequent DUI Offenses

You should also know that if you have two DUI convictions in a five-year period, you must have an IID installed in your vehicle for at least six months after getting your driving privileges back. You must also pay restitution to anyone you harmed during the DUI incident.

It is also crucial to note that the specific factors of your DUI case may increase or mitigate these consequences or make you eligible for alternative sentencing options. For instance, the potential consequences may be different if your situation involves any of the following factors:

Put simply, the particular details of your DUI case will significantly impact the penalties you may face. For instance, most second-time DUI offenders may qualify for alternative sentencing with an alcohol treatment program and probation instead of incarceration.

If applicable to your case, your Murfreesboro, TN, DUI defense attorney can secure a dismissal of your case or reduce a fourth-time DUI offense, which is a Class E felony, into a misdemeanor. Your attorney can also explore post-conviction remedies that could nullify a prior DUI conviction or reduce your current DUI charge.

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