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Shoplifting is one of the most common theft crimes committed in Tennessee and around the country. Despite how often it occurs and how seemingly harmless it may be in the greater picture, the criminal justice system does not hesitate to harshly punish those convicted of retail theft. If you are standing accused of shoplifting in Tennessee, team up with our Murfreesboro criminal defense attorneys today.

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Fast, smart, and responsive defense will be necessary if you want to effectively challenge your shoplifting charges. While we always aim to get a case dismissal or not guilty verdict, we can also discuss plea bargains with you if that would be the best option. Our team is always thinking outside the box to find the right solution, and we want you to be up-to-speed for every part of the process.

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Shoplifting Conviction Penalties

Many people who have been arrested for shoplifting falsely come to the conclusion that giving up and accepting the penalties is the best option. A judge will not be swayed by your admittance of guilt or your remorse. Furthermore, any sentencing should be abated if possible, as the criminal justice system will often dole out penalties that are arguably far too severe for the crimes they are meant to punish.

Charged with retail theft? Consider the penalties before you plead guilty:

  • Hundreds of dollars in fines
  • Days, weeks, or months in jail
  • Community service
  • Probation period

Fines and jail time can increase considerably depending on the price of the item that was allegedly stolen. Something that costs several hundred dollars, such as a display laptop, for example, may trigger thousands in fines and almost a year behind bars. Additionally, theft crimes often include mandatory restitution paid back to the alleged victim. Monetary restitution is usually equal to $500 or three-times the cost of the item, whichever is greater.

Don’t Take a Chance on Your Future — Get Legal Support

A single theft crime conviction can put a mark on your criminal record and a stain on your reputation. Something as minor as shoplifting can wind up ruining your future opportunities. Rather than gambling on the services of an overworked, impersonal public defender, place your trust and your future in the hands of Joshua T. Crain, Attorneys at Law.

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