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“Controlled substances” includes any drug or substance which has its sale restricted in some way shape or form. This includes prescription drugs, which are illegal to purchase unless you have a recommendation and permission from your doctor, known as a “prescription.” The prescription system isn’t perfect, however, and Tennessee has outlawed a number of different actions to protect people from fraud and addiction that some of these substances can lead to.

The state of Tennessee and the federal government both take accusations of prescription drug fraud extremely seriously and have penalize these actions with heavy criminal consequences. If you are facing charges of a prescription crime, contact a Murfreesboro drug crimes attorney for assistance as soon as possible. Joshua T. Crain, Attorneys at Law​ has fought to defend the rights of those facing drug charges, including prescription drug crimes. We’re dedicated to providing each of our clients with reliable and proven counsel that effectively pursues their best interests while keeping their needs at the forefront of our strategic decisions.

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Types of Prescription Drug Crimes

Many prescription drugs can do wonders for helping us alleviate pain, improve our quality of life, and regain our health. However, some have also come with side effects, including addiction. Combined with surging costs of some of these drugs due to the high cost to develop and produce them, prescription drug crimes have become a serious issue.

Today, there are several different types of prescription drug crimes, including:

  • Unauthorized possession of prescription drugs: possessing a controlled substance without authorization, either from a doctor or from a regulating body, is against the law, even if you have no intent on using it.
  • Unauthorized distribution of prescription drugs: Buying or selling prescription drugs without authorization is against the law, including buying drugs online or through a “pill mill.”
  • Prescription fraud: Forging a prescription either by misrepresenting yourself as a doctor, “doctor shopping” to find one who will give you the prescription you’re seeking, or using computers to make a fake prescription is against the law and could lead to penalties.

Most prescription drug crimes can vary in their penalties, depending on how many drugs were acquired illegally, your intent with them, and more. In small cases, your charges could be a misdemeanor, but in serious cases, it’s also not uncommon to have to face felony charges.

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