Domestic Assaults

Domestic assault, also known as domestic violence, occurs when an assault takes place against someone who is related by blood, marriage, a dating relationship, or even a roommate of the defendant. Assaults can be caused by inflicting physical bodily injury to another person, creating physical contact with another person that is extremely offensive or provocative, or causing another person to fear imminent bodily injury. In other words, no actual physical contact has to take place in order for someone to be charged with assault.


As experienced criminal defense lawyers, we are fully aware that not every domestic assault case is exactly as it appears. These types of situations involve tense moments and heated exchanges, and, while emotions are running high, claims that are partially true or outright false may be made. In addition to this, biases on the part of law enforcement officials may lead to innocent parties being arrested and charged prematurely. Find out how we can advocate for you.



Domestic assault charges are taken very seriously by the State of Tennessee, and, if you are convicted of one of these crimes, you could face time in jail or prison, costly fines, a protection order against you, and even the loss of your parental rights. In addition to this, having a conviction on your permanent criminal record will cause strains in your personal relationships and affect your ability to maintain or find employment.


A domestic relationship is considered to be any of the following:

  • Spouse
  • Former spouse
  • Person with whom you have children
  • Any person related by blood or marriage
  • Roommate


With so much at stake, it should go without saying that finding a trustworthy and aggressive Murfreesboro domestic assault attorney to take on your case should be a top priority.



Out legal team is dedicated to extensively investigating every aspect of your case in order to find inconsistencies in witness statements, ulterior motives for the accusations, whether the accuser was the primary aggressor, and anything else that can strengthen your defense.