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Many people dislike thinking about the end of their lives, whether they’re 18 or 95. For this reason, people usually put off making wills and trusts until it’s too late. No adult is too young to create a will, particularly if your family has a history of early death. For example, some families have a history of kidney cancer or ovarian cancer, both of which may lead to death, or at least a necessity of long-term care, at younger ages.

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Even if you have a history of perfect family health and longevity, it may help your family in the event of an accident. Car collisions, for examples, have caused comas in people who sustain brain damage. A coma could last from a few days to a few years, sometimes progressing to vegetative states, which require years of long-term care. Your family may have no idea how you want your medical care to be handled once you’re no longer capable of making decisions yourself, or a difference in personal believes could cause arguments among those trying to make a decision on your behalf. If you make a will detailing what to do in the event of emergency or death, your loved ones will be spared the distress of making your choices for you. Creating a will also shortens the length of any probate proceedings your estate may go through in the event of your death.

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